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Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Oh boy, it's been a while since my last post. Lately, work keeps me quite busy.

Therefore, I don't always find time to create a new post. I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving! I for sure did. I was a bit worried that Thanksgiving won't be the same, now that I am a vegan. 

But to my surprise, nothing felt different. My mom took the time to make a delicious vegan Thanksgiving dinner that tasted exactly like the non-vegan version I know from my childhood.

She even made a vegan pumpkin pie - and boy, was that ever good! Since I know many of you would like to try this delicious vegan version, I decided to share it with you in today's post. 

So let's get to work, shall we? Here's what you'll need:

15 oz organic pumpkin puree (I use LIBBY'S)

12 oz oat milk

A bit more than 1/2 cup ground oats (the soft kind)

4 Tbsp WHITE almond butter (weißes Mandelmuß)

Vegan pie shell (GER: Veganer Mürbeteig)

3/4 cup granulated sugar

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1/4 tsp ground cloves

1/4 tsp ground ginger

1/2 tsp salt

Preheat your oven to 175 degrees Celsius ( 425 degrees Fahrenheit). In case you don't use a convection oven, add about 25 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit).

Then add all ingredients to a bowl and mix until a smooth, creamy mixture has developed. Now, pour the mixture into your unbaked pie shell and place the whole thing in the oven.

Bake for about 40 -50 minutes. Before you serve the pie, make sure it cools down to room temperature, since the pie won't be firm until it has cooled down.

The consistency improves even further if you eat it cold, straight out of the fridge. Tip: Use a fork to poke little holes into your unbaked pie shell before your pour the mixture on top. 

Love, Peppa:-)

10 Foods That Reduce Your Cancer Risk

10 Foods That Reduce Your Cancer Risk

I think most of us had a moment or two in our life where we worried about cancer. This might have been the case after watching a sad report about a young person battling this disease, or if a

recurring headache wouldn't stop bugging us.  At least I had moments like these before. In the end, things always were fine, and little Miss hypochondriac here had nothing to worry about.

These episodes of mine led me to develop a deep interest in healthy food choices, and their effect on our body. Today, I want to talk about the health benefits of flavonoids.

These compounds are mainly found in fruit and veggies, and lots of studies suggest that they have cancer-fighting and cancer-preventing properties. Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock wrote an interesting book about this topic. 

According to latest research, these strong, little helpers seem to play a big role in destroying cancer cells, and preventing cancer from spreading.

I found the following article, which discusses this in detail, quite interesting:

So, eating plenty of fruit and veggies, something moms have known for ages, is something we all should do on a daily basis.

Here are 10 foods high in flavonoids:

1. Strawberries

2. Raspberries

3. Broccoli

4. Pomegranate seeds

5. Apples

6. Capers

7. Cumin

8. Blueberries

9. Grapes

10. Onions

Flavonoids are mainly found in the skin of fruit and veggies. So, you shouldn't peel these colorful guys. Buying organic fruit and vegetables is a great way to avoid the chemicals found on the skin of traditionally grown produce. 

Enough for today - now it's time to get this Friday night going. I hope these tips were helpful, and that you enjoy the weekend that lies ahead of you. 

Love, Peppa:)

Aluminum and Alzheimer’s Disease

Aluminum and Alzheimer’s Disease

Today, I want to talk about the danger of using aluminum

pots, and aluminum foil in your daily kitchen adventures. One of the first things I learned in culinary school was to stay clear of aluminum pots and pans. I remember how my teacher, a mean, round, little chef from France, told us in a thick French-American accent to never cook anything acidic (for instance a tomato sauce) in a pot made from aluminum.

The reason ? The acid present in the meal reacts with the metal of the pot, which then releases aluminum straight into your meal. The same thing happens if you wrap your food into aluminum foil, or if you use silverware that isn't made from stainless steel. 

The problem with this? Aluminum is strongly linked to Alzheimer's Disease, and therefore isn't an ingredient you ever want in your food. But how can we avoid  this? The answer is simple: Use pots, silverware, and kitchen appliances made from stainless steel, and don't use aluminum foil to wrap your food.

Stainless steel does not react with acids, and therefore is a great choice for any kitchen. But be CAREFUL, not every kind of stainless steel possesses these non-reactive properties. Only stainless steel marked with the numbers 18/8 or 18/10 does not react with acids. So make sure to pay attention to the kind of stainless steel used in a product, when buying it. 

One of the things you also should consider is that high amounts of aluminum are also a problem in food deliveries. Oftentimes insanely delicious food deliveries like pasta , or Tikka Masala come in aluminum containers, turning these yummy treats into health hazards.

But food isn't the only source of aluminum. Medicine, cosmetic products, and deodorants also often contain this dangerous ingredient. Just something to keep in mind. Anyway, enough for today. Have a great weekend with lots of fabulous food, and plenty of fun.

Love, Peppa:-)

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