Spicy Guacamole Bites (Vegan)

I am back from my happy, little vacation at the North Sea. I had a wonderful time there, and can't wait to go back next year. Germany's northern parts are so cozy, and charming with their idyllic horse ranches, and corn

 fields. And don't get me started on the cute, little islands. It almost feels like you're in the Netherlands, or in Denmark when you're visiting Germany's northern countryside. That makes sense since these two countries are just around the corner.

For a long time I thought Germany is boring, and doesn't have much to offer in terms of beauty, and vacation vibes. But that's just not true. This country has a lot of beauty to offer, you just have to look for the right spots. So cheers to that you guys:-)

Right now, I am laying in bed, and am enjoying this lazy Sunday while watching Friends. Doing nothing feels great since I have a super intense work week ahead of me. I am sure most of you also have a busy week at work ahead.

Stressful, busy schedules often leave little time for cooking. So because of that today's delicious recipe is a fast , and simple one that only requires a few minutes: Whole wheat pretzel rolls with spicy guacamole. My brother came up with this fabulous guacamole recipe, so I can't take the credit for this one:-)

This guacamole is so good, and highly addictive. Usually this traditional Mexican spread is made with cilantro, but since my brother ran out of cilantro he used spring onions. It turned out delicious. What makes this recipe so fabulous, is the big amount of red, hot chili peppers. Here's what you'll need:

2 normally sized avocados, mashed

4 cherry tomatoes, chopped

1 large spring onion, sliced

5 small, red hot chili peppers, sliced

Salt to taste

1 tsp fresh lime juice (or a bit more)

Peel your avocado, and remove the pit. Then add it to a bowl, and mash it using a fork. Then add the sliced chili peppers (make sure you buy the tiny, red kind, since a lot of the other ones are not very spicy), chopped cherry tomatoes, sliced spring onions, the fresh lime juice, and the salt.

Mix with a spoon until everything is evenly incorporated. Once that's done,  spread your guacamole on a whole wheat pretzel roll. You can buy these at the bakery or make them yourself. If you'd like to bake them yourself, you can use my recipe. I'll post it sometime next week.

Love, Peppa.