Adventure in Europe Part III

I just got back from my trip to the South of France. I was on a mission to find an adventure in Europe, and I can happily say: Mission accomplished. When people think of France they think of

romantic cobbled stone streets, great cheese, and wonderful wine. But they don’t necessarily think of wild, adventurous nature. Well, they’d be surprised.

On this trip, I learned that France is the complete package.It has both the rustic, old, romantic elements one is typically looking for when traveling to France, as well as breathtaking, adventurous nature.

In my previous two posts, I already revealed a few of these magical, adventurous sites. And today the fun continues. So, let’s get stared, shall we?

The picturesque, little street you see in the picture is called Rue de Derrière l’Église, and it is located in the most beautiful mountain village I have ever seen: Saint-Paul-du-Vence.

This fairytale-like village consist of romantic, little alleys, and is full of beautiful flowers, various small art galleries, and enchanting old architecture.

It really is one of the must-see’s in the South of France.

Speaking of must-see’s, let’s talk about another marvelous spot I visited while exploring the South of France. This picture was not taken in North America’s famous Centennial State Colorado, it was taken in Europe’s smaller

version called Colorado Provencal, which is located near a little village known as Rustrel. Massive red rocks, and red soil leave you in awe while hiking these adventurous French trails.

But this is not the only spot in France where you get to see vivid colors like this. There's another mini Colorado, called Le Sentier des Ocres. It is located near the city of Roussillon, which is only half an hour away from Rustrel.

I visited both places, and thought they were both absolutely stunning. In case you want to see these hot, red beauties too, make sure to bring some cash along, since the entrance fee is 3 Euros per Person.

Another dreamy stop on our road trip through the South of France was St. Tropez. Keeping our budget in mind, we decided to stay at a tiny Airbnb-apartment instead of living it up in one of these high-end hotels in this glitz-and-glamour city.

We spent most of our time exploring the city anyway, so it didn’t really matter that we couldn’t afford one of these dreamy, upscale hotels.

While discovering this gorgeous, picture perfect city we stumbled upon a romantic, and incredibly cozy, little seafood restaurant called Les Graniers

located on a remote, peaceful beach. We sat down at a rustic, wooden table which was standing in the sand, and enjoyed dinner while watching the sunset, and hearing the peaceful sound of the waves coming in next to our bare feet. What a dream.

That’s it for today you guys. I hope you enjoyed reading about my European travel adventure. I think it's time for a recipe again, so next time I’ll provide you with some yummy food inspo:-)

Love, Peppa.