Adventure in Europe Part II

Adventure in Europe Part II

I am sitting on a little houseboat on the picturesque French Island of Porquerolles,

and am nibbling on my avocado-baguette. It is 8.30 in the morning, and I did something I never did before: I slept on a cozy, little sailing boat, which I found on Airbnb. Yay, I am experiencing one little adventure after another on this trip through the South of France.

I arrived on this small island yesterday, and went swimming right away. I've never been to a beach with crystal clear water before. So when I heard that Porquerolles is famous for its beach with crystal clear, turquoise water I had to see it!

I never thought that you can find something like that in France. I thought I'd have to travel to a distant place far away in order to see beach-magic like this. But as it turns out, paradise is closer than I thought.

If you are ever visiting the South of France make sure you don't miss out on some serious beach fun on this island's dreamy beach. Getting to the island was super easy, the ferry ride only took 15 minutes.

Another great thing about this island: Cars are not permitted here, so people are getting from A to B the old fashioned way - they simply use their bikes. You can rent one at almost every corner, and the 3 km bike ride to the beach is beautiful!

I am eating so many delicious French pastries here, so a bike ride can't hurt. I have to admit, my bikini body was nowhere to be found this summer, ooops. But thanks to Bridget Jones, little chubby bellies like mine work as cute accessories these days. So say hello to Bridget's little sister Peppa Jones:)

Enough for today though, I have some serious vacationing to do:) In my next post I'll reveal some more unique, ultra dreamy travel spots in the South of France.

Tip: The water only reveals its magic colors in the bright sunlight. So make sure you choose a non-cloudy day for your trip to Porquerolle's plage Notre Dame.

Love, Peppa.


  1. Liebe Peppa,
    deine Tipps sind absolut super. Ich habe noch nie von dieser Insel gehört, werde sie aber auf jeden Fall besuchen um mich von dem Traumstrand zu überzeugen.
    Danke für den Tipp

  2. Peppa Jane

    July 29, 2017 at 9:43 am

    Hey Kira, freut mich sehr, dass der Post dir als kleine Urlaubsinspiration gedient hat:-)

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