Perfect Iced Tea (Vegan)

Perfect Iced Tea (Vegan)

Yay, I am getting famous after all. Erm, well maybe just a little. And perhaps only in the uber-world-famous cosmopolitan glitz-and-glamour-city where swabian dreams come true: Stuttgart. Ok, maybe famous is a strong

word... But why burst my pink-la-la-happy-bubble, right? You're probably wondering what I am talking about. Drum roll.... Tadaaa! Stuttgart’s ultra popular magazine Stadtkind published an article about me, and my blog today. Arrgh, I can’t help but to burst with excitement!

This is a big day in millennial-Peppa-tries-to-become-an-uber-successful-blogger-land! Tanne, the girl who wrote the article was so sweet, and very much a millennial-do-what-feels-right-to-you-girl like me.

I usually am surrounded by a lot of people who do things very differently than me, and in the past that led me to believe I need to live my life according to their standards. I didn't want to disappoint anyone. Nobody forced me to this, but I thought adapting is how this grown-up thing works. I am sure many of you know what I am talking about.

But in the end I just couldn't adapt. I did a pretty bad job at it anyway. I couldn't live the normal I-go-to-an-office-and-am-happy-that-way-life most people that I know, and cherish live. I had to start living a life that makes me happy, not others. So meeting a girl like Tanne made me hopeful .

Seeing that she is really successful at what she does, despite having taken a unique, and different path, helps me to be super optimistic that I will be just as successful one day. If you understand German, and want to read the article here’s the link:

But let’s talk food now, shall we? As most of you know, I used to own this adorable, little cafe in the romantic town of Heidelberg. And besides classic American baked goodies, I also sold my famous homemade iced tea there.

This ice cold, lemonicious beverage is just the perfect, little refreshment on a hot summer day. The recipe has been a well kept secret, but today I decided it’s time to share this amazing, simple recipe with you. Here’s what you’ll need:

1710 g (60,3 oz) boiling water

8 Earl Grey teabags

170 g (6 oz) powdered sugar

6 g (0,2 oz) FRESH lemon juice

Add the teabags to a pot/pitcher (either glas or stainless steel, since regualr metal reacts with the acid of the lemon) of hot water. Leave the teabags in for exactly 1 minute, then remove them. Squeeze the remaining liquid out of the teabags before removing them.

Now add the powdered sugar, and stir well until it has dissolved. Then add the freshly squeezed lemon juice, and stir again. You really need to stick with the exact measurements here, otherwise your iced tea will not turn out great. Let it cool down to room temperature.

Then place it in your fridge until it's nice, and cold. Enjoy!

Love, Peppa.


  1. The recipe worked great, thanks.

  2. I’ll definitely make this too!

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