Drama queen up in the air

Embarrassing-I-want-to-hide-under-my-blanket moments...

We all had our fair share of them. Some people more than others. Let me clarify, I am definitely some people:-) Today, in my parents' car, I had a flashback of a little predicament I found myself in a few years ago. A moment in which I was a reaaally graceful Peppa - not!

When I was 18, I developed a huge fear of flying. It came suddenly, and without a warning. As a German-American, flying has been a big part of my life since I was a baby. I loved everything about flying, I even wanted to be a flight attendant when I was little. I was so fascinated with the whole concept of aviation, and was bursting with excitement whenever a cab took me to the airport.

But then that little sucker called fear ruined all of that for me. This guy is a real party pooper! I told him to leave me, and my free, adventurous mind alone but that pesky guy kept sticking around. He also was around on a flight to Los Angeles in 2009. Let’s go back in time to see what happened on that particular day…

I just spent the last two weeks visiting my family in Germany. It is early January, and we just celebrated Christmas together. But now it’s time to return to my adventurous Californian life, so I say my goodbyes, and a few hours later I find myself at a gate in Frankfurt with puffy, teary eyes, ready to board the airplane. I am terrified to set foot into this flying beast. I am certain that this flight will be the end of my glorious little Peppa-life.

``We now kindly invite rows 10-30 to board the aircraft``. Crap, that’s me. Great, now I have to enter this death machine as well. Fare well sweet life! After we reach flight level, and the seat belt sign turns off, I am surprised to find myself somewhat relaxed. I am not dead yet, oh goodie!!! Yay me! Okay you can do this, this is a piece of cake!

Oh no, what’s happening, why does my chest feel so tight? Uh-oh, I can’t breathe. Uh-oh, flight attendant? Where are you? Flight attendant?!! Oh there she is. Nice lady. I tell her that I feel sick. She quickly puts a blankie on the floor in one of the service areas, and tells me to lie down. What a nice lady, she even elevates my feet.

Oh no, lots of people are watching. Nooo, look away. Then I just lie there, with plenty of curious passenger eyes on me. Excellent, life couldn’t be better right now! I am not fainting as expected, and after about an hour I start to feel better. Much better actually. Oh no, does that mean what I think it means?

Then it hits me. I cringe. I realize that there wasn’t anything wrong with my body, this simply was a major panic attack. How embarrassing! I can’t admit that. No way! They’ll all think I am a drama queen. So, drama queen, embarrassed to her core, decides to fake being sick until touch down in L.A. That way nobody will notice that the nice, blond lady on the floor is coo-coo. Good idea, Peppa. I pat myself on the shoulder, and continue looking miserable.

Half an hour till touch down, oh goodie. But little did I know that the most embarrassing part was still to come. A sweet, old man pushing a wheelchair waits for me at the door of the airplane after we reach our parking position. Yup, here I am being pushed in a wheelchair all the way from the airplane, to the baggage area, and to the cab. This is so embarrassing, my walk of shame, or should I say my roll of shame. Low point, Peppa. You just reached nutty low point.

I get into the cab, and drive off into the beautiful Californian sunset. I look into the sky, and wonder how many other ungraceful, panic stricken, little drama queens are up there right now trying to survive this crazy, wild ride in these speedy, fascinating, yet ultra intimidating, flying metal capsules.

It’s funny that of all people I developed this intense fear of being up in the air, since I have this huge passion for traveling. Welcome to my complicated mind. Wow, I just realize how long this post is. I think it’s time to turn off my computer now, and go to bed. In case you guys are waiting for a new recipe, I already have a great one prepared for my next post. It’ll be online within the next days.

Love, Peppa.