Broke Girl on Vacation

Wanderlust is calling my name but my broke girl bank account tells wanderlust to go away, and to bug another travel hungry soul. Stupid starting-out-in-bloggerlalaland-financial-restraints. But how on earth am I supposed to

become a great, uber-successful-fancy-schmancy-everybody-envy-me-travel-and-other-things-blogger if I can’t afford to travel to distant destinations that look like paradise? Hmmm, these broke girl problems call for a girlboss solution.

Staring at the annoying (yes, I am jealous) Instagram accounts of all these miraculous travel bloggers makes me feel like a very, very little Peppa with very, very little money.

Each time they post another gorgeous travel picture I start drooling a bit more. Then I get a marvelous idea. What these big shots can do, I can do too - for free. In my new photo project I am traveling the world while staying in Germany.

The idea is to take pictures in my hometown, or cities near by, that look like they were taken in a foreign, exciting country. I hope you enjoy the outcome as much as I do.

Here is picture number one, which looks like I am on a dream vacay in Costa Rica. I stumbled upon these beautiful banana trees during a stroll through Stuttgart’s Killesberg Park last Saturday. Cheers to these fabulous vacation vibes in Germany.

Love, Peppa.