Peppa in Wonderland…

In my last post, I mentioned the financial struggles that

come with starting out in the world of freelance writers, and bloggers. Two months ago, I decided to quit my side job, to focus completely on my passion for writing, and photography.

Blogging combines these two things, and gives me such great satisfaction. The reason why I chose this life is because I wanted to work from anywhere. Four years ago, I came back from California in order to be with my loved ones.

I never regretted this decision. I really wasn’t happy without them. However, the last place I ever wanted to live was Germany. It was too cold, too calculated, too strict.

It also was never visually pleasing to me. It is weird, I should feel at home here, since I was raised here, but I don’t. The only place that feels familiar in this country, is the neighborhood I grew up in.

So this is why the idea of working from home was so important to me. Working from home means I can travel, and work from anywhere. Traveling seems like a great compromise between living in Germany, and deeply craving foreign scenery, architecture, and landscape.

But I haven’t reached my goal yet. I still need to earn decently to be able to afford the urge to travel. So this is what I am trying to achieve in the upcoming months. I know I can do it. But getting there is tough.

I need to find the key to a lot of closed doors. But I am a determined young lady, and I will annoy plenty of people if I have to:-) Apart from the money stuff, this being my own boss thing is great.

One of  the fabulous aspects is that I get to make my own hours. So today I took full advantage of  that, and went on a little stroll through Stuttgart’s Killesberg Park in the middle of this sunny, hot day.

I found a beautiful green path, that reminded me a lot of the enchanted garden from Alice in Wonderland. It felt wonderful being in the midst of all this lush, green nature.

I then returned to my cute, white, little desk, refreshed and ready to write away. Here’s to crazy, wonderful dreams. It’s good to have them, but it’s better to live them!

Love, Peppa.