Strawberry Milk (Vegan)

I am a summer child. I was born on a hot, and sunny day in June. Summer has always been my favorite season, and I feel like life is at its best during those hot, and steamy magical months. Despite my

sunny, bubbly personality, I tend to get anxiety but being exposed to the sun helps in feeling less anxious. There are plenty of articles that talk about the sun’s boosting effects on our Serotonin levels, so I am not the only one who experiences this peace of mind that comes with a bundle of sun rays.

As you all know, I love to travel but during the summer the urge to travel gets even greater. Even as a kid I couldn't wait for our annual trip to the States. I remember how I loved picnicking with the whole family at Oregon’s Mirror Lake.

I was especially entertained by all the chipmunks that went about their business while we were keeping them, and their peaceful lake company. One day I got a bit too excited about these cute, little creatures, and had to pay the local hospital a visit. I got bitten by one of my little friends, and had to put on a brave face since an unappreciated Tetanus shot was on the way. Needles were not at the top of my list as a third grader.

Going camping was another wonderful, outdoorsy summer tradition of my family. One time we even traveled the whole country in our happy, lively RV. This was so fun, and at 4 years I was just old enough to remember it. Our travel group was quite big, and consisted of my grandma, and grandpa, my two little cousins, my uncle, and aunt, my mom, and my dad, my two brothers, and me.

The best part of that road trip was seeing South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore. I couldn’t wrap my little Peppa mind around the fact that someone could create such beauty. Even as a big Peppa, I still am in awe that Mr. Borglum, and his son Lincoln were able to pull off this stunning masterpiece in 1925.

Today it is May 17th, and summer has started to work its magic again. Summer also arrived in my kitchen since I recently rekindled my love affair with strawberries. I am highly addicted to these sweet, and pretty vitamin c boosters. One of the things my mom used to make for me as a kid was raspberry milk. I loved it when she made this refreshing treat for me.

So as tribute to these childhood memories, and my latest strawberry addiction, I replaced the raspberries with strawberries and made a generous amount of delicious strawberry milk. I used organic soy milk instead of regular milk to turn this into a delicious vegan version. It was just what I craved, and it hit the spot perfectly. It is one of the easiest things to make, Here's the recipe:

380 g (13,4 oz) fresh strawberries  

180 g (6,3 oz) soy milk (organic)

3 tsp maple sirup (amount depends on how sweet your strawberries are)

Add all the ingredients to a blender, and mix until smooth. There you go, all done:-) Easy right?

Love, Peppa.