The Game Plan…

When I was a little Peppa, I wasn’t allowed to eat very many sweets. Of course this made me want them even more. So I had to come up with a game plan to gain

access to our city’s sugar supply. I had a great idea. I decided I’d make a great addition to other people’s breakfast tables on the way to school. First stop: The house of my best friend who was living up the street. Her parents always had freshly baked goods delivered to their door step in the morning.

The highlight however, was the giant jar of Nutella sitting in the middle of the table. Helpful as I was, I felt it was my duty to deliver this delicious goodie bag in person. I knocked, and I was granted access. This was my ticket to paradise...It was a feast. I was in sugar heaven.

I had warm, buttery croissants with massive amounts of the famous chocolate spread highly popular with kids, and widely detested by parents around the world. Since time was precious, and I was running a tight schedule, I kindly said my goodbyes, and was off to my next stop.

My second stop was the house of Sebastian, my sweet, little classmate, who cried his eyes out on the first day of school, and who wrote me the sweetest love letter shortly after… I happily squeezed in at the table. Little Sebastian, his mom,  his grandpa, and his aunt welcomed me warmly.

I was ready for round two, which consisted of several helpings of Hefezopf, smeared with generous amounts of Nutella. All these friendly families who opened up their homes, and tables, were amazed at the impressive amounts that disappeared into my innocent, little belly.

Today I still have a major sweet tooth. Some things never change:-)Being the daughter of a German-American couple, this means a colorful, sloppy mess of American pancakes, and Swabian Schwarzwälderkirsch-Torte. My biggest weakness are donuts. The other day I made delicious powdered cake donuts. 

I used whole wheat flour, and they turned out delicious. However, I feel that using whole wheat flour makes them a bit dry. So I will continue to work on this recipe. I'll share it, as soon as I have mastered the art of whole wheat donuts. Oh, before I forget, how do you like my little blog kitchen? I am so proud of it, since my friend, and I built it ourselves.

Love, Peppa.