Castles & Flight Attendants

Right now I am saving money for my next trip, and I am super impatient while doing so. I never was good at waiting. I really crave the sun, the ocean, wild nature, foreign architecture, and all those great things that come with

traveling. I decided I need to have a little fun in the meantime, therefore I took a budget friendly DAYcation to one of the most beautiful castles in Germany. Burg Hohenzollern. Going there really feels like traveling back in time! If you enjoy history, and ancient architecture, or just want to live in a fairytale for one day, I really recommend seeing this place!

I stumbled upon this absolutely adorable picnic spot afterwards. It provides a great view of the castle. But let's be honest, taking a day trip is not the same as going on a summer vacay. In order to cheer myself up, I guess I have to live off my happy travel memories for now. So let's go down memory lane…

When I was a little Peppa, I couldn’t wait for summer to come. Each year my dad packed the whole family up to spend the summer in the States. My mom had left her life in the US behind, in order to move to Germany with him. So as a thank you to my mom, he took all of us to the west coast each summer to see the rest of our family.

I vividly remember the excitement I felt, sitting in the airplane, waiting to finally touch down in la la land. At 5 years old I was Lufthansa‘s youngest flight attendant, since I always felt the urge to help these pretty women in their ultra cool uniforms with the service on board. I couldn’t believe my luck when they allowed me to hand out orange juice to the passengers.

One time they even created a little badge for me. I now officially was ‘employee of the year‘. I proudly showed my parents, and was very pleased with this marvelous career of mine. Not every 5 year old makes it this far! At the airport, my grandma, and grandpa, my two cousins, as well as my aunt, and uncle all anxiously waited for us to finally arrive.

They patiently had waited all year for this moment to come! As had we! Our reunion at the airport truly was the best moment of the whole year. There was nothing but love in the room! After a whole lot of hugging, and sobbing we all got into my grandpa‘s old Volvo, and drove off into a magical Oregon summer.

These memories are so precious, and I am so grateful that my dad made them possible! Thank you Papa! You are the very best! Now it is time for me to go to bed, it’s almost midnight, and here I am still writing. Sleep tight you guys, and thank you for reading.

Love Peppa.