Hollywood Dreams

When I was 20 I bought a ticket to L.A. to become a famous Hollywood actress. It was the middle of the night when I booked my ticket. 

Four hours later I was sitting at a London Heathrow gate ready to board the airplane. I had just moved to London a few months earlier to complete a single semester Shakespeare acting course at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. I enjoyed my life in London but I wanted a grand adventure. The grand adventure of making it big in Hollywood.

I had this dream for a while but it's also quite likely that I brainwashed myself by binge watching "Entourage" in the weeks prior to this crazy, wild decision... In my defense though, that show was amazing, right guys? After a long flight across the Atlantic, I should mention that I am terrified of flying, I finally touched down in L.A.

The sun welcomed me in her kind and friendly way, and I couldn't believe I finally arrived in this glorious, exciting city that I only knew from the movies. All my friends, who chose the classic university path thought I was nuts. Ignoring everybody's expectations of who I should or shouldn't be, and moving to a place full of dreamers like me was so freeing.

Speaking of dreamers, I wasn't the first one in my family to reach for the stars. My grandma, did the same thing. She also moved to Los Angeles in her twenties in the hopes of something big to happen. If you are interested in finding out how the story goes on, part two will be revealed next week. Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading.

Love, Peppa.