Not the cool kid

When I was a little Peppa, I often came home from school craving my mom's love, and hot cocoa to make me feel better. Elementry school was not fun for me, and my best friend Nicky. We both were super uncool. Me being chubby,

and wearing notably ugly pants which my mom organized at the bazar, and Nicky wearing thick glasses with one glas being patched, did not qualify for a cool kid badge. Therefore little Nicky, and I were excluded from happy-cool-kid-lala-land. This meant we were made fun of, or in my case, getting pranked every now and then. I remember one day on my way home from school, Konstantin, one of the boys in 3rd grade was blocking the way, not letting me get through.

My heart was beating out of my little chest. I was focusing real hard on not fear-peeing my ugly bazar pants then, and there. I asked him to leave me in peace but he wouldn't. Instead he poured ink over my head, and started laughing. I felt so embarrassed, and what's even worse, I felt like I was the problem. I thought something clearly must be wrong with me because why else would other kids be so mean.

I didn't tell my mom about being unpopular, or being picked on because I was so ashamed about the whole thing. Each day I counted the hours until school was over, and I finally was home. Home always was my safe haven. That, plus "Bibi Blocksberg" tapes, hot cocoa, my family, my two best friends Nicky & Franzi, and long, hot summer vacations in the U.S. far away from Germany, were the things that kept my little Peppa world going.

So, I hope that all the little Peppas, and Nickys out there today, have a good hot chocolate recipe to get them through the day:-) If not, here is mine. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the cute mug in the photo was once used in the little cafe I owned in the past. Now I use it at home. But back to the recipe:

270 ml (9,13 fl. oz) boiling water

2-3 Tbsp (18 g) unsweetened dark cocoa powder 

white sugar, to taste

Splash of heavy cream

Hazelnut nougat, to taste

For the chocolate whipped cream:

100 ml (3,4 fl. oz) heavy whipping cream

dark unsweetened cocoa powder, to taste

powdered sugar, to taste

For garnish:


Combine the sugar, and the cocoa powder in a coffee mug. Add the boiling water, and stir well until everything has dissolved. Then add a splash of heavy cream, and a piece of nougat. Stir again. Now whip the cream to stiff peak, and add the cocoa powder, plus the powdered sugar. Stir well. Add the whipped cream, and some hazelnuts on top. There you go, all done. 

Ps: Until today Nicky, Franzi, and I, are still best friends:-)