Apple Fritters

I am back from my super fun vacation, and I have to admit, leaving this wonderful Scandinavian la la land still aches a little. Home is always a wonderful place to return to, but this vacation could have lasted a little longer if

you ask me. So I needed something to cheer me up. The first thing that came to mind: Sugar! And since I was veeery sad, I needed a looot of sugar. I enjoy eating healthy but once a day I need my little (actually not so little) dose of sugar. I felt like something fruity, so I decided on apple fritters.

These delicious, little rings of happiness were so comforting, and really helped brighten my day. Making them was super easy. However, I recommend using a real deep fryer instead of a pan for frying these guys, if you do not wish to set your house on fire. I really burned myself badly, because some of the super hot fat spilled onto my poor feet.

But that's not all, the hot oil also spilled onto the stove, and caught on fire. Yay, fun! Thankfully, after a couple of seconds the fire died on its own.  As a trained cook I should have known better, right? I overcame this tiny crisis of mine, and finished my little project. The outcome was delicious. Here is how it works:

For the apples:

3 apples (Boskop or Gala Royal)

3 Tbsp Whisky

For the batter:

1 ½ cups all purpose flour

1 Tbsp sugar

Pinch of salt

1 cup water

2 1/4  Tbsp Whisky

2 Tbsp oil (neutral flavor)

2 egg whites, beaten (stiff peak)

For frying:

Sunflower oil

For coating:

Cinnamon sugar

Slice the peeled, and cored apples (1 cm / 0,4 inches ). Then drizzle 3 Tbsp Whisky on top, and set them aside. Add the oil to a pan or deep fryer *. Now prepare the batter by adding the necessary ingredients to a bowl except the egg whites. Mix briefly, don't overmix! Then carefully fold in the beaten egg whites.

Drop the apple slices into the batter. Then remove them, and place them into the hot oil. Don't add too many apple slices to the hot oil at once. It will require a couple of rounds until all slices are fried. If you'd add all slices at once, the temperature of the oil would drop, and your apple fritter rings would be soggy.

Once a golden brown color is achieved, carefully flip them over so that the other side browns as well. Then remove the rings from the oil , and place them on a clean kitchen towel or a wire rack. Coat the rings with cinnamon sugar. That's it, you're done. Have fun eating those yummy, little treats.

*Attention: The hot oil is a fire hazard, and you can easily burn yourself if water drops get in contact with it. Also DON'T keep the paper towels close to the pan with the hot oil or near the stove for safety reasons. As stated earlier, I find that that using a deep fryer is much safer than using a pan.