Peppa travels

It is day 3 of my vacation and I am having the best time here in Sweden. It really is my favorite place in Europe. It's late at night, and I am laying on the couch trying to give my tired feet some rest. I was really active, the last

couple of days were packed with long walks through the city, and it's outskirts. There is so much to see. Today I went to check out Södertälje, a little village about 45 minutes from Stockholm. This city has quite a bit of history. There is an old settlement from the 1800s which you can visit, if you want to know how people lived in Sweden during the old days.

It is located on a hill called 'Torekällberget'. It only takes about 20 minutes to get there. Once I got up there, I really felt like I traveled back in time, especially after seeing the gorgeous windmill in the midst of it. Doesn't it look stunning? 

After exploring the old settlement I went back to Stockholm and got ready for a fun night out. I went to the most amazing restaurant with an attached bar called Orangeriet, which you can see in the two pictures here. It impresses with fantastic

interior design, and a really delicious menu. I love that they have two cozy fireplaces that people can gather around. I went there two nights in a row because I enjoyed it so much. Tomorrow I will go see the Vasa Museum. Afterwards, I will again go on a long walk through the cozy little suburbs. I still need to figure out, which bar to visit in the evening. 

But there are plenty of great ones to choose from. What a fun trip you guys! I really wish I could stay here longer, but in less than a week I have to go back to Germany. I feel so at home here. I really consider coming here once a year from now on.