The Perfect Hot Chocolate

Today is a typical cold, and grey winter day. So after looking outside my window I really don’t feel like leaving the house. I just want to snuggle up in my warm bed, while watching my favorite tv show with a cup of hot cocoa

and lots of whipped cream . I of course was NOT watching the Bachelor in a binge. I watch the most exquisite, high quality tv shows with lots of educational value only. Ummm, well… Maybe I watched a little. Just one episode, I swear. And maybe another one. Okay I watched all 7 Bachelor episodes of this season in one day. I just can’t help it.

To my poor boyfriend's disappointment, I really don’t have cool or intellectual tv taste whatsoever. I was so proud of my appropriate self when I broke up with reality shows a couple of months ago, and started to watch Downton Abbey, and The Night Manager instead. However this innocent little love affair with superior quality tv only lasted briefly.

I guess it’s time to admit that I officially relapsed, and got back into my old long term relationship with girly reality tv… Anyway, on days like today, when I feel like I need a little comfort, I turn right to hot chocolate. It gets me to my happy place. I like mine really dark, and chocolaty with plenty of whipped cream. Here’s the recipe for instant cocoa happiness:

270 ml boiling water

3 Tbsp (18 g) unsweetened dark cocoa powder

3 ½ (45 g) Tbsp sugar

Splash of heavy cream

Lots of homemade whipped cream on top

Combine sugar, and cocoa powder in a coffee mug. Then add the boiling water, and stir well until everything has dissolved. Add a splash of heavy cream. Once that's done whip the cream to stiff peak. Add a pinch of powdered sugar to it if you like. Now add the whipped cream on top. Voila, all done.

Now I have to get back to important business, meaning I want to know who Nick Viall chooses to be his lovely wife. Have a great day guys, and thanks so much for reading. Oh, and before I forget, these are the mugs I used in the cute cafe I owned once . I now use them at home, and love them dearly.

Love, Peppa.