Grandma’s Lemonade (Vegan)

When I was little, I spent almost every summer at my grandparent's place in Oregon. These summers were magical. It was always super hot, and nature was glowing. My siblings, me, and my two cousins loved to play in my

grandparent's pool for hours until we were exhausted, and ready for some ice cold lemonade. My grandma always kept a huge mason jar filled with delicious homemade lemonade her fridge. When we stormed into the house, she always handed us these super cool, colorful cups which we then filled with refreshing lemonade. Oh, what a treat that was.

How I miss my grandparents, and these sunny summers with them.I never got to ask her for the recipe. I tried to recreate it on my own. I failed at first, and was so disappointed. But I wasn't giving up that easily. So I tried, and tried, and finally I hit the ball out of the park. There it was, the exact same taste which brought me right back into my grandma's kitchen.

This amazing cold refreshment only exists of 3 simple ingredients. Sometimes keeping it simple is just what it takes. I am sure a lot of you also have a soft spot for homemade lemonade.  So here's what you need:

7 cups water

1 ½ cups FRESH lemon juice 

2 cups powdered sugar

Stir the powdered sugar into the water until it has FULLY dissolved. This will take a couple of minutes. Then add the lemon juice,  and stir again. Place the lemonade in the fridge, and chill for ½ hour. Done! Enjoy this special treat!