Berry Jar Cakes

Today I had to think of the cake my mom makes each year for my birthday. She knows how happy she makes her little nugget with sweets. My birthday isn't until June but today I really craved birthday cake. So I took out my apron

and got busy. Instead of making her strawberry shortcake the traditional way, I felt like making a raspberry version. I also wanted to fill it into jars. What fun! I think this is one of the prettiest desserts I have ever made. And it's so tasty. I love that this dessert doesn't feel heavy, and allows for a second helping without leaving you too full afterwards.

This dessert is perfect for hosting a party since it is a real people pleaser, and looks so cute. This recipe is from one of my moms old cookbooks. So you can use pretty much any strawberry shortcake recipe. The only adaption you have to make is putting the cake into pretty, little jars.

Love, Peppa